Road to the World Series: Dodgers face off against Brewers in NLCS

Once again the Los Angeles Dodgers are making their way to their third straight National League Championship series after crushing the Atlanta Braves 6-2.


For The Win: Coming in Clutch

After being added late in the season, David Freese came off the bench with a game-winning hit that gave the Dodgers a huge 3-2 lead during the 6th inning. The next inning, led by Manny Machado, secured the game by driving four home runs for the team. The Dodgers’ ability to score multiple home runs kept them at an offensive advantage and will be key to winning at the NLCS against the Milwaukee Brewers.


Securing The World Series Ticket

Advancing to the World Series will not be easy. The Dodgers have not seen a World Series Championship since 1988. After last year’s heartbreaking loss against the Houston Astros, the Dodgers are hungry to win against the Brewers. In order to cinch that spot and redeem themselves, the Dodgers need to score runs early in the game making sure their offense attack early at-bat to lead the game.


Winning the NLCS

With their all-star pitching staff, they need to coordinate their offense to slow down the Brewers. They will cruise to a final victory if they increase their coaching decisions against Milwaukee. The Brewers are on a winning streak, with over 11 straight wins as they contend for a spot in the World Series and are not slowing down as they take on Los Angeles.


The Dodgers will need to knock out the Brewers’ bullpen, their strongest asset, early by hitting home runs early and tiring out their pitchers, and scoring more with runners on base. Some advantages that the Dodgers have are their veteran players and playoff experience. Understanding when to push their offense against the Brewers will come in clutch for the team. They will be able to lead the game and push for the final win against the Brewers as they venture toward the championship.


Tying the Series

With the series now even with two game-wins apiece, Game 4 ended in the 13th inning after an exhausting five-hour game Tuesday night. Cody Bellinger found the momentum and knocked out a homer into right field after two outs. Machado on second base ran toward third base, scoring for the Dodgers and ending the nail-biting game. The Dodgers’ stadium was filled with electricity in the air as the team and fans rejoiced the home win.


Its anticipated that veteran pitcher Clayton Kershaw will be starting in Game 5 as the Dodgers look to snatch another win at home. Pitching in what may be his last Dodgers’ NLCS game, the pressure is on Kershaw to bring in an overdue World Series Championship to Los Angeles. The team’s bullpen holds a major pitching advantage against the Brewers since they are down two relievers, at least. Hopefully the Dodgers will get more runs so runners can score for a final win at home. Game analysts say the Brewers will turn to Wade Miley to start as their pitcher before looking to their struggling bullpen to replace him.


Game 5 is an early game that will begin at 2:05 p.m. PT at Dodgers’ Stadium before the two teams return to Milwaukee for Game 6 on Friday, October 20.

By Lillian Lokonobei