Men’s Guide To Self Grooming From Home

Gentlemen, we know that it feels horrible not being able to drop in with your barber and get a fresh new haircut during these hard times. Instead of looking at all of this from the negative side of things, we have to think positive and find ways to overcome the following weeks and months and find new ways to still look amazing. 


No barber, No problem

Gents don’t worry about having your hair grow too long, this is actually a good time to grow out your hair. If you feel uncomfortable having those long, luscious locks of hair you can always take the extra step and become your own barber and give yourself a haircut.


Famed Men’s advice expert Aaron Marino (IAmAlphaM) has taken on the task of giving a step-by-step guide on how to personally cut your own hair. In order to cut your hair you will first have to wet your hair then you will dry it off with a towel. Then comb the sides and look where you normally part your hair. Then with your hair clippers you will start with the number four attachment and start at the temple, and you will then go up and fade out. You’re going to repeat the process on the other side, then you do the backside which you will need a mirror in order to get the job done.


 After you will switch out the attachment for the number three attachment and then the number two, the same process as previously. Then you will move on to the number one attachment where you will move the blade as far out. After you will clean around the ear and neck area, and you will then use scissors to cut off sections of hair. If you followed the steps you will have a fresh new haircut. If you don’t trust yourself with giving yourself a haircut there are plenty of ways to style long hair, so it doesn’t become bothersome. Just one advice is after your hair gets to a certain size, experiment with giving yourself a small trim to get rid of any dead hair ends and allow your hair to continue to grow.


Perfect Opportunity To Grow Facial Hair

With Stay At Home orders, many of us are stuck at home not able to go out. Right now is the best time to grow an amazing beard. It’s difficult to grow facial hair, especially if it grows in patches which could really look unprofessional when you’re trying to grow it out. Being quarantined you now have the option of growing facial hair without having to go through uneven patches.


If you plan on letting your facial hair grow then pln on investing in some grooming products to keep it clean. One product that Aaron Marino recommends you use to keep your beard nicely trimmed is the Brio Beardscape trimmer. This trimmer is rechargeable and it comes with several different trim settings to adjust the size.


Also make sure to moisturize and condition your beard. This is key, gents it may not be hair growing on your scalp but facial hair still needs to be properly cleaned and moisturized to have a nice smooth and soft texture.


Skin Care Is Self Care

Now being stuck at home doesn’t mean to put off your skin care routine. Invest in some good skin care products to give your skin a nice glow and feel it deserves. A great product to invest in if you are not too sure what product is right for you is Tiege Hanley Skin Care Routine.  


The package comes with four different products that are meant to be used in the morning when you wake up and then the second cleanse in the afternoon. This will help remove any unwanted grease off your face and give it the right care it needs. 


Now with these grooming tips you can stay looking great without leaving your home. Just remember to follow your diet plan, get plenty of fresh air and sun, and stay hydrated. The base to having great skin is staying hydrated!  


-By Ulises Rodriguez