Men Looking For Love Or Just A New Friend: Online Dating During Covid-19

As social outings such as going to local bars, clubs, and concerts have been placed on hold until further notice, it has sparked an increase in the world of online dating. Traditionally these locations were the destinations to meet people and connect over a drink and good music, but it has now changed to a new norm of dating virtually through zoom meetings, phone calls, and Facetimes.


Video Call Dates

To encourage social distancing and to prevent people from getting together, popular dating sites such as Tinder and OkCupid have introduced the option to video call with people the user has matched with. This in turn has opened a new way of having that first date without having to risk exposure to the virus and adhere to the stay home orders.


Besides Tinder first dates have also been taking place over current video conference app company Zoom. Usually, what occurs in these dates range from having dinner, breakfast, lunch, play games, have a conversation and have a drink together. The benefits of these new ways of dating is it opens up people to talk about their likes and dislikes, interests, and overall get to know each other well before actually getting to meet in person.


Even if there is not a connection between the two people, friendships are still made throughout the process and have filled that empty space that some have been feeling, having to be at home during these unprecedented times.


Netflix Party Movie Night

Another first date idea has been in full affect since quarantine began was the use of a new app called Netflix Party. The app is designed to allow several people watch the same movie or television show in a video chat room. This has made movie nights still possible for couples and for first dates.


Surprise Gift Delivery

Unable to physically give someone your dating presents or flowers can be very daunting, but recently there has been a rise in delivering items to significant others. The most traditional and practical way would be to order a present online and set the delivery location to that person. The items that are ordered ranges from something as simple as a small stuffed teddy bear or ordering something more extravagant for the other person.


There is also the option of ordering a delivery of flowers from local flower shops, as several have stayed open and have been working off delivery orders only. In some cases there is also the option of attaching a letter or card to the flower order.


Then for an instant and simple delivery that anyone would really enjoy, is just to order delivery from Postmates or Ubereats of their favorite food or favorite drink from Starbucks or even use one of the various apps available to deliver a bottle of wine. Then with just a quick Facetime, each will be able to share a surprise meal or even listen to some music together while having a nice relaxing glass of wine.


There are many creative ways to set up a first date or even a date night night with someone you have been seeing for a while without having to risk anyone’s health. Just with good communication between both people and several ideas, dating during these times is still possible and before you know it local public spaces will open up and you will be able to share a drink at a bar with the person you met online.    


-By Ulises Rodriguez